Middle School


Calling all bar and bat mitzvah-age teens! Turn your passion into purpose in honor of your big day. 

We know how much this day means to you and your family. There’s a lot on your plate right now and we’re here to help. Let us make your bar/bat mitzvah celebration even more memorable with a custom mitzvah project.

Cool Mitzvah Projects:

  • A young fundraiser helped install a rock-climbing wall for children with autism at the Y in Washington Heights
  • One athlete brought a sports center for disadvantaged youth in Israel
  • A handy bar mitzvah helped install a fully-equipped teen lounge in Southeast Brooklyn

You can also set up a fundraising page for your special project and invite your friends and family to donate in honor of your bar/bat mitzvah. A Mitzvah Coordinator will work with you to help you find a project that best matches your interests.



Are you a seventh or eighth grader in the New York area? Join our Mitzvah Squad and volunteer at one of the organizations in UJA’s network that help people in need. Make some new friends who care about the same things you do and experience the incredible difference you can make in the world.

Mitzvah Squad Projects:

  • Preparing meals at a soup kitchen in Brooklyn
  • Celebrating Purim with seniors at the New Jewish Home in Manhattan
  • Throwing a party for children with special needs at the JCC in Manhattan