High School



PACT is an opportunity for high school teens to experience philanthropy through a Jewish lens. You’ll develop important leadership skills and explore Israel’s complex history and importance to Jewish people around the globe. It’s a great pathway to strengthening philanthropic principles alongside people who share your core values.


Year One (For all new incoming participants.)

THE COUNCIL It starts here. Learn the fundamentals of successful fundraising and then use those techniques to begin raising your own funds. Designate the funds you’ve raised for UJA’s nonprofit partners, and learn about the community’s most pressing needs.

Once you complete the Council, you’ll be invited to participate in the Task Force.

Year Two

THE TASK FORCE Take the lessons on fundraising and fund allocation you learned in the Council – and then fly on your own! Build on your skills with more opportunities to accomplish real change through soliciting support from others. You’ll also continue to explore our far-reaching network of nonprofit partners. Just like the professionals who work at UJA, you’ll divide and distribute the funds according to where you think you’ll have the greatest impact.

Once you complete the Task Force, you’re invited to participate in more advanced opportunities.

Years Three and Four

Choose one of the following tracks each year after completing the Council and Task Force:

MITZVAH SQUAD SENIOR FELLOW Ready to be the one in charge? Share the lessons you learned from your time with PACT. Help supervise 7th– and 8th-grade Mitzvah Squad members and accompany them as they complete their projects. Time commitment: Five Sundays throughout the year.

COUNCIL SENIOR FELLOW Meet once a month on Sundays, 2:00 – 6:30 pm before Council members arrive, and help facilitate the day’s program for Council members. While you’ll be leading conversations and guiding the first years through the process, you won’t be responsible for your own fundraising.

VOLUNTEER FELLOWS Get hands-on, real-world experience volunteering for UJA’s nonprofit partners. There’s simply nothing like working directly with people in need to see how you can make a difference in the lives of others.

ISRAEL INSTITUTE Deepen your understanding about the biggest issues facing Israel. Strengthen your relationship with the Jewish state. By joining this interactive seminar, you’ll be better able to speak confidently about Israel with others, which will serve you well in college and beyond.